QI Diversified Income Trust No. 1

PropertyNet Lettable AreaPurchase PriceAsset WeightingPurchase Date
2 Keane Street, Midland1,367sqm$7,250,00026%May 2021
12 Dyer Road, Bassendean6,584sqm$8,250,00029%November 2021
25 McDonald Crescent, Bassendean1,332sqm$2,400,0009%November 2021
17-19 Leadership Way, Wangara5,895sqm$10,250,00036%March 2022
Total Value$28,150,000

Asset & Trustee Manager


  • Targeted average distribution to investors of 7.0% p.a. over the term of the Trust
  • Distributions paid monthly to investors
  • The Trust will target the acquisition of high-quality commercial assets in key sectors including retail, industrial, large format retail, health services, childcare and office across all regions.
  • Seven-year initial Trust Term
  • Total target portfolio of up to $40,000,000 in combined asset value across diversified assets.
  • Opportunity to increase investment with additional acquisitions and raisings within the Trust

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