Quadrant Investments invites applications to invest in a new wholesale unit trust targeting quality assets across a range of sectors in prime locations. Through strategic analysis and selection, the Trust aims to provide investors with stable income return and capital growth over the life of the Trust. Quadrant Investments is an established fund manager with over $50 million in assets under management and is backed by the 108-year-old Richard Noble & Company.

Investment Highlights
  • QI Diversified Income Trust No. 1 will comprise a multi-property fund with an acquisition target of up to $40,000,000 in combined value of property assets.  
  • The Trust will focus on the acquisition of high-quality commercial assets in key sectors including retail, health services, industrial and commercial, with a target distribution of 7.0% p.a. over the Initial Term of the Trust.  
  • The first asset under contract is a modern, two level office building with a secure income from the West Australian State Government with over 7-years remaining on the lease.  
  • Occupied as a key regional head office for WA Police detectives, the building was chosen due to its current passing rent being below the economic replacement rent and its strategic relevance. 

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